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Main Features


This is a project designed to solve the deficiency of an agile project management tool that is at the same time, easy to use, fast, and complete with useful features and a friendly interface.

The development was guided directly by the day-by-day of a scrum team in a big project, allowing the features were developed in order to meet the team's needs, right to the point, no frills.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is MeuScrum really free?

Daily we receive messages from several people asking if MeuScrum ir really free or if they have to pay any amount to continue using it after a while or for extra modules.

Yes! MeuScrum is totally free and no amount will be charged from you, but feel free to make your donation and value our work.

We have kept the project active for 10 years and have no intention of charging for its use (or on a behalf). If this happens, we will warn you in advance, but we have already made it clear that we do not have this intention.

Doe Agora!

Why is MeuScrum free?

The software market has changed a lot with the popularization of free and open source software. Interart has also benefited from this feature several times and believes it can give back a little of what it has received to the community through an easy-to-use, useful and free system.

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